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The design of this site was inspired by the Open Source Web Design "Sinorca" from haran. Besides some modifications to the layout, these pages are written in HTML 4, not XHTML, because using XHTML would break the scripts used in the Site Map. The HTML in turn is generated from the original XML source by a set of XSLTransformations derived from the stuff published at the Website project.


The Site Map was created with DotMenu, by Thomas Brattli. The original site seems no longer available.

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The Site Map requires that you have JavaScript enabled to work properly. The remainder of this web site may be viewed without JavaScript.


The mathematical formulae have been typeset with online tools from MathMLCentral.


Disclaimer? What disclaimer?

Of course, nobody is ever responsible for anything.

The information given on these pages has been prepared with care. However, no warranty for the accuracy, suitability, usefulness, etc... of the information can be given.

All links outgoing from these pages have been checked to lead only to lawful content as far as I could decide this at the time the link was set. In case you detect anything which might not comply to the laws of your country, violates anyone's rights or is wrong in whatever way, please let me know and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Please use the contact form. Sorry for not providing an eMail address online. We all know that publishing an eMail address on the web is equivalent to receive tons of SPAM.